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5 nice and inexpensive places to have lunch in Valencia

When you travel to a city for the first time, be it business or pleasure, one of the biggest worries is to find where to eat. You want a nice place, where you can enjoy great cooking, but without paying too much.

So, if you are planning an event in Valencia or just visiting the city, let me recommend you 5 nice and inexpensive places to have lunch.

Casa Botella Restaurant

My first choice. It’s small restaurant near the city centre with a nice old style decor, great service and exquisite cuisine, cooked with fresh ingredients bought at the nearby Ruzafa Market.

For lunch, they offer a quite economic menu –15 euros, beverages included– based on Valencia’s traditional cuisine. In fact, if you take a glance at the kitchen, you will find and old lady cooking.

Nevertheless, Casa Botella is not a traditional restaurant, as their food has always something special that makes it unique and marvelous. A great place to take your guests for lunch.

28 Pintor Salvador Abril St . Valencia. Tel. 654 849 333


If you want something more than traditional cuisine, I would suggest you to go to Delicat Restaurant. A small place in the very heart of Valencia, very close to the Cathedral, that offers a non expensive menu for lunch (around 15€ with beverages).

Food here is what you can call in some way “nouvelle cuisine”, but not as much as you could leave the restaurant hungry. Each day the menu is completely different, offering a wide range of sensations in a very bright, well decorated room.

4 Conde Almodóvar St. . Valencia. 96 392 33 57
Highly recommended to book before going.

Tasca el Botijo

Back to more traditional places to eat, El Botijo Tavern is also a great chance for those willing to taste Spain’s most popular dishes, the world known “tapas” (small portions of food to share.

Placed near Valencia’s Central Market, it offers no daily menu nor special dishes, but prices are quite cheap, so you can eat well for not more than 15€ each.

From the wide offer, I specially recommend you two dishes: “morteruelo” and “ajoarriero”, the first one is some kind of pâte and the second is quite indescribable, but I can tell you its made of potatoes, codfish, olive oil, garlic and egg, but you won’t recognize any of those ingredientes (see picture above).

San Miguel st. Valencia. Tel. 96 323 98 90

Tastaolletes vegetarian restaurant

If you or your guests are not very fond of meat, or you just want to try one of the most magnificent vegetarian meals I have ever tasted, Tastaolletes is your choice.

Once again, it’s a small, nicely decorated place in the historic neighborhood of “El Carmen”. Tables are a bit small, specially if you are too many, and service is not great, but the food is so incredibly good and the menu of the day so cheap (under 15€), that you can bear it.

Lunch menu changes every day, but if you come across a quiche in the menu, order it. If you order “a la carte”, let me recommend you the vegetarian lasagna.

6 Salvador Giner St. Valencia. Tel. 963 921 862

Alboraya 72, Syrian restaurant

Last, but no least, one of my favorite arab restaurants; Alboraya 72. It’s a very small restaurant a bit far away from the city centre (though not too much), but the food is really good and quite cheap.

Nowadays, it offers a special lunch menu for 10€, that includes most of their best specialties, like the chickpea pâte. The decor has only some syrian reminiscence, but the owner is clearly Syrian –friendly in his own way–  and, most important, you and your guests will really enjoy the food.

72 Alboraya St. Valencia. Tel: 96 360 35 44