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Alboraya: Beyond the Golden Drink


If you come to Valencia, especially from abroad and for professional affairs, there are many chances that you are located at the Olympia Hotel, a huge four stars hotel at the near village of Alboraya, as this hotel, with plenty of saloons for happenings and business meetings, seems lately specialized in accommodation packs for companies and groups all over the world –an obvious fact if you come by its doors or boundaries anytime.

If you are staying there and even if the hotel is pretty well furnished with gym, squash, pool, spa, bar, restaurant and a pub (!), at some point you will probably need a break, some refreshing air and rewarding walk and you will appreciate to know some interesting possibilities that Alboraya opens to its visitors. Anyway, and even if you are not staying there, you may also appreciate to know about these possibilities –worthy for themselves– as the village is so close to the big city that enjoys short and straight bus and metro lines –bus 70, metro 3.

The Golden Drink

And there is little doubt that lots of people from the near city and beyond think that it really worth going to Alboraya, specially on weekends, to enjoy its typical drink, the ‘horchata’: a fresh and refreshing natural drink made of a peculiar kind of tubercle, the ‘chufa’ (tigernut), which is well known all over the world –even US pop group Vampire Weekend got an indie hit singing about it!

You may enjoy it now mainly at Daniel, the most popular but not necessarily the best one, at L’Orxater-Panach, or at Toni. If you love it and want to learn everything about it, then you may go (by car) at the Horchata Museum, located at one emblematic hacienda, L’Alqueria del Machistre.

A Singular Walk

Anyway, the charms of the village are far beyond its typical drink. If after enjoying it you are in the mood for a rewarding walk, then you are lucky indeed, as the village is bound by the lovely North Countryside that ends at the near Mediterranean sea. Of course you may wander and make your way over there, but let me suggest you a quite singular route, and take Aragon Av. down until the Barranco de Carraixet’s Walk (see main picture), a sidewalk to a natural water flow that drains into the sea, and shows its own wild life –ducks (below), seagulls, fishes, and some other peculiar local species, as panels along the walk let you know.

The lovely walk ends at the beach; actually at two (quite different) beaches. On the right side is La Patacona, a usually quiet beach (below), perfect for having sun and sea bath, that merges itself with Valencia’s most popular beaches, La Malvarrosa y Las Arenas, so you may stretch your walk a lot. On the left side is Port Saplaya, a small beach, ringed by bars, restaurants and shops where you may enjoy the most touristic side of Spanish beach life, including a seaport. In case you feel you overrated your forces and coming back by walking is not your cup of tea at all, do not panic, as Alboraya has its own (yellow) bus lines from both beaches to the village –and the other way round.

Three Golden Forks

OK, walking and bathing have been rewarding, but they whetted your appetite. What about something –humm!– a little bit more consistent than the local drink? Well, don’t worry at all, as there are many places to have it, from which I would like to suggest you three, quite different among them.

One is Pa i Pernil, just around the corner of the hotel, a very comfortable and versatile delicatessen shop and snack bar in which you can have everything you want at sensible prices, be it breakfast, lunch, daily and weekend menu (10 and 13 €), or a large menu of suggestions for all tastes that, in addition, is pretty ready to be tailored to meet your whims.

Another is AM47, a proper restaurant with a more elaborated menu, specialized in Valencian and Spanish classics with a balanced modern touch, as well as high quality fresh meat and fish, and a sensible selection of wines. They also offer a large special daily menu (16€) and are happy and used to book for groups –✆ 963298829 | ✉

Last but not least is Nostre Bar, a local classic as well as a pilgrimage point for people from Valencia, thanks to a simply perfect grill touch in all kind of foods, especially in carefully selected local vegetables and cuttlefish, as well as some delicious Spanish ‘tapas’, as its hard-to-beat red hot potatoes. If weather is fine, you may enjoy its wonderful terrace and go back to the old-good-times while having dinner.


Horchata picture | La boutique de la horchata.