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Ca’ Pepico Restaurant… a place worth leaving the Big City for a while

In previous posts I introduced to you some very interesting places right at the core of Valencia. But sometimes, you know, if you want something special you have to let aside chances at hand and make a little effort to enjoy it –that’s what life is all about!

This is the case with the place I’m recommending to you now in earnest: Ca’ Pepico, a lovely restaurant located at Roca Quarter, Meliana, some four kilometres away from Valencia, worth leaving town and enjoying a short car trip.

At Roca Quarter, a charming tiny group of tradtional Valencian houses ringed by the bare North Countryside with no trace of twenty-one century at all, Ca’ Pepico shines by itself, with a little help of the dozens of small candles that use to decorate its windows at night, as you can see above.

Once into it, you’ll be warmly welcomed by Pepico Ferrer, the third in dinasty, or his sister Ana, whom will gently ask for your reservation, now recommended, and will guide you to your table, trought a quite spacious traditional Valencian home smartly renewed providing different sober spaces, including inner and outer terraces. Everything is quiet and in place, so it’s time to order…

And one of Pepico’s starting appeals is precisely the special care they take of your order, never for hype or increasing the bill, always bringing to you a tailored combination of meal and wine, then desserts and spirits if needed.

If you follow their attentive counseling, you can hardly fail, as Pepico’s meals are one of the most balanced contemporary revisions of Valencian basics in town and beyond: it doesn’t matter at all if you’re for simple yet sophisticated starters, high quality fresh fish and meat, or any of the two delicious daily rice meals –one mellow, one dry– at lunch time, everything is truly special –even the assorted home made bread pieces are a pleasure themselves!

Wine isn’t second to meal indeed: quite the opposite, as Pepico Ferrer is sommelier and owner of a selected wine shop, Mesquevins, and is always ready to choose one bottle for you from his treasure’s cave, full of selected wines from Spain but also from all Europe –not the rule in town. Furthermore, wine service is balanced –not rough, not poshy– and wine prices are pretty next to prices in origin –again not the rule in town, with wines trebling!

If you’re in the mood for some dessert –who’s not?– then you’re at the perfect place, as Ana learned from auntie some exquisite receipts, wisely revised now from a balanced personal view. If you want to round the meal up with some spirits or large drinks, Pepico is again a treasure’s cave, full of peculiar dessert wines, gins, whiskeys and so on literally from all over the world.

All in all, the cherry on the top off the Pepico cake is yet to come: the bill is extremely fitted to the superb meal you have enjoyed –take around 30€, including non-expensive but excelent wine and spirit– even cheap if you take into account the many sides in which Pepico truly excels very near the big city.


Ca’ Pepico

Mediterráneo St. 1  |  Barrio Roca – Meliana  |  Valencia

✆ 961 491 346  |  ✉

39º31’29.80” N    0ª19’29.00” O