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The Turia Gardens ② Bioparc at Head Park

The lovely picture above isn’t taken at some remote exotic country at all but at Valencia‘s Turia Gardens head park, the Bioparc.

When in one previous post I introduced the Turia Gardens, I handed you an open invitation to know more about all the astonishing brand new life has been growing at the dry old river course –glad to meet you again!

Quite probably, you didn’t gess then that such a life could include elephants and usual fellows living their way at the very fist step of our staged tour, but it does indeed at the Bioparc, one of the latests and most welcomed huge projects to settle and grow in the Turia Gardens!

The Ambitious Bioparc Project

The Bioparc project is pretty ambitious then split in two stages: the now achived first stage recreates Equatorial Africa, the Sabana, Madagascar, the African Wetlands and the Kitum Cave, while the now in progress second stage will recreate the South-Eastern Asia and the South American jungle.

Inagurated in 2008 at a ten thousand squared meters free space at the old river course’ head with proper place for four thousand animals from two hundred fifty species, it was clear from the very first moment that the Bioparc aimed to be something more than being a huge new zoo replacing the tiny old one: aimed to truly recreate the natural environment in which every species originally lives and procreates in freedom.

Now, four years on, with people calling Bioparc The Anti-Zoo for good, there are many reasons to think it has managed to achive its aims –as you can see above.

The Anti-Zoo for all animals, humans included

The Bioparc excels indeed in recreating animal life with an incredible poliedrical setting of their main typical species at their very own habitats of stunning detail. The immediate result is an astonishing spectacle of sheer natural beauty in which animals, flora and landscape truly merge into one in such a way that you don’t watch animals but their very own way of life!

The Bioparc excels as well in recreating animal life in a crucial way, far beyond any spectacle: under the guidance of Rainforest, an organization devoted to take care and repoblate the original habitats of species living at the Bioparc, one hundred forty cubbies of endangered species were born in there last year, as the lovely Nile Hippo cub below, Nanuk, who will have a home here until there is some need of repoblating her original habitat.

Either as a unique spectacle and as a natural reserve the Bioparc makes up an impressive kingdom of natural beauty and wisdom that brings to you the unique chance to watch, understand and care animal life at once from zero row. You may enjoy it either your way or in any of the different tours in offer, from the three minutes fast-lighting one to the detailed three hours one, and even have a drink or complete meal at its quite affordable snack restaurant –you may find everything about the Bioparc at link below.

In our next post we’ll depart right from the Bioparc and will head not for a single place but for a long walk following the old river course both garden and street level…  In the meantime have nice days and please stay tunned!

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