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The Turia Gardens ③ From Head Park to Botanic Garden

Wow! I wish I were one of these guys and enjoy views like these instead of watching my beloved but pretty dull computer screen!

They are at one peculiar vantage point at Turia Gardens’ Head Park, the whole three hundred thirty thousand square meters (!) park where the astonishing Bioparc introduced in our previous post is placed.

They have all the huge Turia Gardens at their feet: they may decide for a large tour through that very same Head Park or head instead for a larger, up to nine kilometres tour through the full old river course that now ends at City of Arts of Sciences.

If they decide for staying at Head Park, this huge free park, heavily populated with Mediterranean vegetation as a celebration of its fluvial origins, is the dream of any walker, runner or biker, as you can see below.

If they are or got tired, Head Park offers many other chances to them, such as an artificial lake with swan-shaped boats for rent, called (yes!) the Swans’ Lake, and an open air auditorium next to it, as well as a quality coffee shop and two children playgrounds –eternal rumours about a Funfair and a Turia Museum at Sun Mill are in the air.

But they look in fine shape indeed and they probably will head for a larger Turia Gardens tour, taking either the Sun Mill Walk or the Ribera Pathway that skirt the lake.

If I were fortunate enough of going with them, I’ll first gave them a cautious piece of counselling about personal safety at Turia Gardens, and then I’ll suggest the Botanic Garden as our next, final destination for today.

The Turia Gardens are by and large a pretty safe place, strongly controlled by many safety corps at any time but, as always happens with Big Cities’ huge parks, you can always meet the wrong person, especially at late night and while crossing under bridges, like the pretty October the 9th Bridge below, where homeless people find a momentary sleeping place.

Well, we don’t have to worry too much about it as homeless people at Turia Gardens know that their way of life depends on being quiet and peaceful, so we may continue to our next destination, some kilometre on: the Botanic Garden at street-level.

If you had not enough with African Sabana’s recreation at Bioparc and Mediterranean floral recreation at Head Park, then Valencia’s Botanic Garden –the first one in Spain, dating from sixteen century– will bring you the chance of watching and studying carefuly preserved and classified flora from literally all over the world.

The Botanic, under the guidance of the University of Valencia, holds more than three thousand plants and trees organized into many famous floral collections: in particular holds one of the biggest palms collections in Europe, as well as tropical plants, climbers, waterweeds and so on; every one of them at its proper terrestrial, hothouse or aquarius… to round the idilic picture up the Botanic has an aviary and even its very own feline life.

Please have a look below… It’s a lovely place indeed to relax and recover until our next Turia Garden stage… I hope you enjoy it and stay tunned!


Pictures | maxgiani, visentico/sento @ flickr

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  1. Laura: April 25, 2012 11:17 am

    I love the Turia Gardens, but especially the Botanical one because of the cats, of course! However, they both are super special and unique places and they should not be missed by any visitor to Valencia.