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To Beer or not to Beer?… What a Silly Question!

Beer has something special indeed… In case you love it just imagine one big glass full of your favourite golden nectar topped off with its white head! In case you don’t love it just think that no drink besides water, milk and wine has hold such an ubiquitous place all along the history of mankind.

In Spain beer was second to wine until recently but in Valencia, due to its hot weather, beer has been ruling for decades –just watch our post about Valencia’s bars. However, beer offer over here has been narrow and grind until the late opening of selected Beer Shops, mainly in the Irish and German tradition, that now offer beers from all over the world –your favourite one included, no doubt.

Of course, all of them offer to you properly poured International beers at nice places, but just a few will make you feel just like home while being in Valencia glass in hand, either if you come from English-speaking or Continental Europe countries.

Finnegans of Dublin

Finnegans of Dublin, a huge Irish pub opened more than fifteen years ago at the very core of the city, may be the right place for you in Valencia –especially if you feel somewhat homesick.

In that case you’ll love to know that Finnegans is a charming and comfortable place in which you may enjoy your favourite home drinks, either properly draugh main beers and selected spirits, as well as some of your favourite home meals in a series of brunch and lunch menus at affordable prices.

In case drink and meal doesn’t bring relief to you, just try two Finnegans’ fortes: live music and TV sports. As for live music, Finnegans holds regular live shows of all kind of music, especially Irish traditionals that merge into the enthusiastic public. As for TV sports, Finnegans schedules at its many TV sets all main matches from European Football –the Premiership, the Champions and the European League, the A Series and the Spanish League– and Rugby.

But I guess that the definitive cure for you is Finnegans’ very own forte, that set it apart from any pub in town: its pretty enthusiastic English-speaking public, made of people just like you, that are right there to enjoy beer, meals, live music and TV sports like crazy, as if they were just at home –see picture above!

If you come from any English-speaking country, this is indeed your beer place and more.


Bierwinkel is quite another story: one of the first to settle, now a franchise with four strategically placed Beer Houses in town and growing, probably lacks the enthusiastic public at Finnegans but offers instead much more quiet and reserved places to take care of your bussines while enjoying its own strong fortes from the Continental tradition and far beyond.

Bierwinkel Beer Houses then are like German ones but, even if they offer indeed a wide selection of properly draugh beers from that tradition, its main forte is a huge list with literally hundred of beers from all over the world in offer ready to be poured to you at affordable prices –as well as a quite large meal list that include German and Spanish basics.

If you share with them the passion for serious beer culture all over the world, then you must know that Bierwinkel has now a brand called Finest Drink Selectionsee picture above, actually beer delicatessen shops that sit right next Bierwinkels offering to you the chance of bringing home all kind of selected beer bottles –some of them pretty hard to find even at their original countries.

If you come from Continental Europe or you’re seriously into beer this is you beer place and more.

Main picture | pink fish 13 @ flickr