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Flamenco in Valencia

I know you’re an informed person: not like toyboy Justin Bieber who skipped Europe from World Continents and not like some tourists who expect tequila and mariachis all over Spain.

I know you watch this site and are informed that Typical Valencia is about Fallas and Paella and not about flamenco and polka-dot suits.

But perhaps Valencia is your only Spanish destination or, quite simply, you’re in love or just in the mood for flamenco music, actually a lifestyle, so wonderful as unknown.

Then, don’t worry at all, as Valencia holds some particular places in which your flamenco dreams may come true, as the ones I’m introducing to you next.

Actually Valencia’s offer somewhat reflects flamenco’s diverse nature and use, from the purity of the intimate and impressing ‘deep singing’ to the explotation of ‘that-flashy-light-exotic-touch’ that pop-stars lately add to their mixtures, and splits between places devoted to flamenco and places that use flamenco. Let me introduce you to the ones devoted to flamenco in a full or a regular basis.

Café del Duende is Valencia’s place for real flamenco, a pretty intimate café that has been holding together flamenco’s devotional community for more than a decade, Wednesday to Saturday around listening and chat and Thursdays to Saturdays around live music –as you can see. If you’re a true flamenco lover and want to merge with fellows this is your place indeed.

La Bulería has emerged lately in town as a more studied place with a wider public in sight without betraying flamenco’s dignity: then everything is settled for dinner menu and later flamenco show far beyond the average expected level –as you can see. If you want some more comfortable, booked experience this is your place indeed.

El Toro y la Luna is a quite different thing: at the very playful end of flamenco so usual in touristic places: a family affair in which everybody sings and plays and dances and you may join them and go over the top –as you can see. If you’re much more for fiesta than for flamenco this is your place.

Besides these places, fully devoted to flamenco, there’re places that schedule flamenco regularly both at popular and at official-mainstream level.

The main popular place is Radio City, a huge versatile bar that has been holding all kinds of music for years, including quality flamenco shows for real aficionados on Tuesdays night, until becoming a reference at all levels. Café Teatro La Claca also schedules flamenco on Sunday afternoon, as it does Oximoron Club at will for members.

The main Official places are Principal Theater and Palau de la Música, that hold from time to time particular shows by mainstream flamenco and flamenco-related stars, sometimes of interest.

The later is precisely the seat of Valencia’s Festival of Flamenco, that this year held its XV edition January on and now awaits for some confirmations for new year’s edition –anyway let me advance Valderrama on February the 11th and Niña Pastori on March the 3rd, among others… hush-hush!

By the way, if you think flamenco is a Spanish-thing-just-for-Spaniards think in our generous guest photographer Luca Fiaccavento, a true flamenco lover miles away from here, as pictures show.

Pictures | luca fiaccavento @ flckr


  1. cajón: December 17, 2011 08:21 pm

    Mola! Y las fotos… Uaah!

  2. Radio City Valencia: December 19, 2011 10:52 am

    Nos gusta mucho el articulo! Es muy completo y las fotos son fantásticas.

    1. lino san juan: December 27, 2011 06:40 pm

      Me alegro de que os haya gustado y ciertamente las fotos son espectaculares: os recomiendo una visita a su página flckr del link

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