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Valencia’s Central Market

If you come to Valencia from abroad you will probably think that there is no need of going to some particular market in town, as any shop at hand will suffice for your casual needs.

However, there are some peculiar markets, as Valencia’s Central Market, that really worth paying them a visit for many reasons as, in this case, its lovely architecture, its delicious products, its colourful people, and its scheduled activities.

Valencia’s Central Market was set up in 1914 at the core of the old city, right next to the iconic Silk Market a.k.a. La Lonja and the lovely Santos Juanes Church. All in all is a Modernist building with more than eight thousand metres at street-level and almost the same ones underground.

Even if it’s make up of two irregular building lots and two annexed pavilions, its inner design is fully rational with stalls lining up in perfect grids and ceiling girders creating a truly kaleidoscopic effect lighted up by its huge emblematic crystal dome.

The Central Market is being continuously renewed both aesthetically and functionally from 2000 on, until becoming right now the Biggest European Market in fresh products and the First Market in the World in offering sales’ computerization and home distribution.

But all in all and besides its architecture and innovation, Central Market’s very forte is the supreme quality of goods in offer: there’s no delicatessen shop in town and beyond that can equal the huge variety and sheer freshness of its products for sale, either high quality seafood, meat, vegetables, preserved foods or anything more you may imagine.

Even if you come from abroad and you’re not ready to purchase any piece of food to take home, you can’t miss Central Market’s colourful food landscape shown above and below –try this one if you prefer German.

All around the exceling quality of these products lie two additional Central Market’s charms, not to be missed.

On the one hand, backing all that exceling quality there are some four hundred experienced sellers, most of them belonging to large familiar sagas devoted to the very same speciality and proud to be alive and well in there, offering not just their products but any sincere piece of advice you may need about them.

On the other hand, willing all that exceling quality there are many hundreds of daily experienced costumers from all kinds –from humble but dedicated housewives to some of the most important chefs in town– that really love to go there to carefully choose and purchase their daily or weekly goods… in particular, Saturday mornings are special.

Last but no least, Valencia’s Central Market schedules free activities and presentations around food and gastronomy, as this week’s Cuina Oberta’s Chef al Mercat, with Ca’ Sento’s chef Raúl Aleixandre cooking live, or something so incredible and unexpected as… live Opera!

Astonishing? Yes indeed! Everything may happen at the pretty incredible Valencia’s Central Market!


Main picture | javirunner @ flickr


  1. alfie_benge: December 18, 2011 09:17 pm

    Wow! I went there Saturday morning and was blown up with everything: place, people and fooooooooooooood!
    We were wandering around it and we found nice places to have lunch! I dared with alippebre!
    Wonderful place! Nice to know! Thanks!

    1. lino san juan: December 27, 2011 06:45 pm

      Glad you know you love it!

      Yes, there are a few bars at streets left to its main door were I use to have delicious and cheap Spanish ‘almuerzos’

      BTW: it’s ‘all i pebre’ and the name comes from ‘garlic and pepper’ that are two of the main ingredients besides the anguila…