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Where to have a drink in Valencia

After working all day long, you might want to relax having a drink with some collegues or maybe gratify your clients with Valencia’s wide and interesting nightlife offer.

As we are sure you don’t want to spend the night looking for the right place, here is a small guide on where to have a drink in Valencia.

Luckily, pubs and bars in the city tend to be located all together in different areas, so once you get there, you can choose the one you like most from many that are very similar. Here are the main nightlife areas in Valencia:

City of Arts and Science

This is the newest and most exclusive nightlife district of the city. There are many pubs in the Alameda and Francia Avenues; elegant places were all kind of cocktails, long drinks and beers are served. House and pop music is what you will hear from the speakers.

The neighborhood is very safe and modern, and from many pubs you can enjoy the view of the City of Arts and Science at night.

Pubs usually open in the evening, but nightlife in Valencia begins at night, about 11 o 12pm. Closing time is around 3pm, but then you can go to a nearby disco discotheque, in this case, Mia & the Umbracle, placed in the City of Arts and Science, a five minutes walk away.


Also a very exclusive district with nice pubs, bars and restaurants, where you can have dinner and then have a drink afterwards. There are plenty of them, with a wide offer of music styles and drinks, there are even irish and german pubs, in case you feel a bit homesick.

This area is nearer to downtown, at the end of Marques del Turia avenue closest to the old river bank (now a big park), so it’s a great place to go walking if your hotel is in the city centre.

There are a couple of discotheques nearby, like “Treintaytantos” (for over 30 people) or the mentioned Umbracle.

Juan Llorens

Also a nice place to have a drink, not as big as the other two, but with a wide offer anyway. Most of the pubs play house and pop music, though you can find other styles if you take your time.

Pubs gather around Juan Llorens street, that gives name to this nightlife area, and that is aslo quite near downtown, the Nuevo Centro shopping mall and relatively close to Valencia’s convention centre, where a new discotheque called Red VLC has just opened.

Just for you to know, the average age of the people in this area is a bit higher than the former two.

El Carmen (historic downton)

The most wide cross section nightlife area, as you can find any kind of people and pubs there. Music offer is also wide: heavy metal, hip hop, pop, electronic, jazz…

It’s placed in the historic downton of the city, with narrow streets and old buildings. It’s not an unsafe place, but you can find yourself among weird people if turn the wrong corner and many pubs are focused on young people, with cheap drinks and loud music.

Xúquer, Aragón and Surroundings

Near the Valencia CF. Stadium and the University Area are many pubs and bars focused on students, though there also many where to have a nice drink with music not too loud.

There are also good and cheap places to have dinner, specially around Xúquer Square, though you have to sort them among many others that are just cheap.

On thursdays it becomes a extremely crowded area, as students choose that day to go out for a drink, so take that in account if you want to have a quiet drink.

The Malvarrosa Beach and the marina

Placed along the Malvarrosa Beach and the surroundings of the Marina of the America’s cup, it’s specially indicated during late spring and summer –although most pubs are open all year long–, as you can enjoy a drink and the gentle sea breeze or a walk in the beach at the same time.

There are many pubs and some discotheques (Akuarela and Las Animas are the most important), usually playing house and pop music and with the usual offer of long drinks, cocktails and beers.  Very nice places with big terraces where to enjoy your drink after a long, stressful day.

As you see, there are many different areas where to have a drink in Valencia. Among them, probably the Malvarrosa, Canovas, and the City of Arts and Science are the best places to take your guests for a drink.

Finally, here you have a map with all the nightlife districts in the city, so you can see which is nearer to your hotel, the event or the conference venue.

Images | Foxspain and s@lmon in Flickr