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Prof. Javier Pernán, organizer of the V International Congress on Trends in Medical Mycology

The V International Congress on Trends in Medical Mycology (TIMM) was recently held in Valencia. From the 2nd to the 5th of July about 1500 people assisted to this event, that took place in Valencia’s conference centre.

Mycology is the branch of biology that studies fungi (molds and yeasts, for example), and medical mycology is the study of those fungi related to human diseases.

But let’s get to the point, as we had the chance to interview Professor Javier Pernán, part of the La Fe Hospital Microbiology service and organizer of this congress.

Briefly, What could you tell us about the event and its organization?

Well, the event has been acclaimed as a success, for its great organization and its scientific content. Valencia’s excellent convention centre and the professionalism of the staff have a lot to do in this success, as both have been very appreciated by the participants and the dutch company responsible of the technical secretary.

In former editions, the TIMM was held in Atenas and Turín, why was Valencia chosen for this one?

Mostly, because the characteristics of the conference centre, whose facilities are perfect to host an medium congress as the TIMM (about 1500 people), and also because it’s a lovely city.

What would you say that makes Valencia different from other event holding cities?

It’s wonderful location, the weather, the great national and international transport links, the size of the city, its gastronomy, the architecture, its modernness…

What would you remark about Valencia’s Convention centre?

First of all, its great design (it’s signed by Norman Foster), the light, the spaciousness of the lecture halls and how easy is to move from one to the other, the magnificent staff and technical resources and, of course, how well linked it is to the rest of the city.

If you had the chance, what would you change about the convention centre?

May be I would make the small rooms not so small, and give the chance to combine or modulate the auditoriums depending on the audience.

After the congress activities, What did you gratify your invited speakers with? 

We had a paella tasting evening, and also visits to the historic city centre, the City of Arts and Science and the Albufera (a national park with a natural seawater lake).

What do you think people liked most?

I’d say that the paella tasting and the City of Arts and Science were the most popular.

Besides the speakers and other guests, What do think the rest of the assistants to the congress do?

Mostly the same, visit the city and the City of Arts and Science, and maybe eat a paella.

If you had to give advise to a colleague organizing an event in Valencia, What would you tell him?

I would tell him that Valencia is the perfect city to hold a medium size congress (like for 2000 participants), and that has one of the best conference halls in the world.

And if you had to convince him?

I would tell him to come and see by himself. Nothing else would be needed.

Finally, if you only had one word to define Valencia. What would it be?

Valencia is amazing.

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