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Valencia’s Conference Centre, one of the bests of the world

Awarded in 2010 by the AIPC as the best convention centre of the world, Valencia’s conference centre is one of the greatest business attractions of the city. It’s a unique conference venue, with a wide offer of auditoriums and meeting rooms that suit perfectly events of any kind and size.

Designed by Norman Foster Architects and inaugurated in 1998 –with a new expansion project just announced– Valencia’s conference centre has caught the attention of event managers around the world, and is considered one of the bests of the world, if not the most.

Its fame is based not only on the flexibility of the different spaces to hold any kind of event, but also in the great design and comfort of each of this rooms and auditoriums, which I am going to talk you about now.

Three Auditoriums

The conference centre has three auditoriums, each of them of different size. The biggest one can hold up to almost 1,500 people, and in combination with its great acoustic, layout, design and equipment, is ideal for big acts and ceremonies, as many international companies have already done. Video and audio can be transferred to the other two auditoriums, which with the first one, sum up to 2,250 people attending the same event.

The second auditorium can seat almost 500 people in a semicircular arrangement with desks, ideal for conferences, seminars and other active audience events. The third one is a very flexible multi-purpose hall, with a capacity of more than 250 people; its mobile layout can be adapted to any need, be it a great meeting table, a small presentation, a workshop… even stands can be placed and catering served.

Break out rooms

As I said, one of the conference centre’s most valuable feature is its flexibility. In this direction, it offers nine break out rooms that can be arranged in any way needed, and that were thought to hold comfortably all those activities around big events and conferences.

For example, if you are holding a great conference in the main auditorium, this rooms can be used as small offices for the speakers, as parallel seminar or workshop rooms… or even dining rooms. They are perfect ancillary rooms that add smaller spaces suitable for those activities that need a closer approach between the participants.

Multipurpose rooms

To complete the wide range of rooms and auditoriums, there ara two large multipurpose rooms, one on each floor, both overlooking the hall and with a magnificent natural illumination.

As the rest of the building, they are thought and equipped to hold any kind of event. They can be divided with movable panels in order to provide small offices or rooms, and stands can also be installed.

This way, it can provide the perfect space for any kind of meeting or ceremony; conventions, product launches, cocktail events or seated dinners, and even exhibitions or concerts.

Other facilities

One of the most remarkable spaces of Valencia’s Conference Centre is the magnificent foyer. An open space of more than 1,000m2, bathed with the city’s unique light, that invites the visitor to stroll around, enjoying at the same time the landscape and the protection that the brise-soleil offer.

It’s a great space to hold exhibitions, cocktails, trade shows or anything you can imagine, as the possibilities are almost unlimited. Other facilities within the conference centre are: press rooms, dressing rooms, parking area, reception, cloakroom and VIP Lounges.

As you see, there are good reasons to claim Valencia’s Conference Centre as one of the bests of the world, as it offers a unique wide range of rooms and auditoriums of all kind and sizes, capable of being adapted to hold whatever event you have in mind.

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