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Valencia’s Convention Centre presents its new expansion project

Under the slogan, “only the best can become even bigger”, the new expansion project for Valencia’s Convention Centre has been presented.

A new building will be added to the one existing, as if a new leaf were to grow from the original one, inseparably tied to it by its stem, just like if the Centre was a living being that grows and evolves over time.

The Architects

Obviously, the new convention centre has been designed by the architects of Foster+Partners –led by worldwide known Norman Foster, the designer of the existing Centre– aiming to add a highly versatile multifunctional space to the existing venue. Something that the venue users have been requiring lately.

Versatility is the greatest value of this new building, being it capable of transforming itself to suit the needs of the events it holds; be it auditoria, break-out rooms, exhibition areas or even a combination of the above.

The project

The new building will be have two floors, span spaces and a modular panelling system to cater for a variety of different events.

When finished, two large plenary rooms for over 2,000 people will be added to the three existing in the actual building. And what’s most, those two rooms could be transformed into 7 smaller ones with a capacity ranging from 300 to 600.

But that’s not all, the new building will have up to 20 break-out rooms, 5,000m2 of exhibition areas and 6,000m2 of green areas, that will be added to ones that the actual venue already has.

In addition, both buildings will be connected by a glass pergola in the lower floor (like to leaves joined by a stem), so larger events can be held using the whole complex.

Works will begin in 2013, and the expansion project will be finished before the end of the year 2014. Once accomplished, Valencia and its great Convention Centre should become one of the leading event holding cities in Europe.

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