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Wines from Valencia: A Forceful Week for Utiel-Requena


There was a time in which Valencian Community wines were completely under the radar not just at International but at National level, and were used just as wines in bulk or, as the cheesy legend said, to secretly increase the production of some other much more famous regions.

Hopefully, that bush-league play has been changing step by step in the last years and today many Valencian wines are well-known and well-appreciated both at National and International level, as Peñin and Parker wine-gurus lately testify.

Before intoducing to you some of these now acclaimed Valencian wines at future posts, let me tell you that many of them come from Utiel-Requena, a small wine-centered region at the western side of Valencia mainly devoted to its tasty peculiar grape, the ‘bobal’, that this very same week has achieved three forceful steps in their collective effort towards the forefront of National and International wine market and culture.

The two first forceful steps took place past Monday, 28th November, at Alameda Palace Hotel in Valencia, and the third one yesterday, Wednesday 30th November, at Las Arenas Hotel.

Monday, early afternoon, Utiel-Requena D.O.P. signed an agreement with F.A.S.C.V, Valencian Community’s Federation of Sommeliers, in order to promote and reinforce wines from such D.O.P. and hold informed and selected wine tastings, as the one celebrating the signing, in which more than sixty sommeliers tasted more than fifty references.

Monday, late afternoon, Utiel-Requena D.O.P. held its eighteeen edition of Las Añadas de Utiel-Requena, a yearly public presentation and free tasting of their brand new wines that brings together all sectors around the wine industry: wine-makers, wine-sellers and wine-lovers. At this edition, twenty four local wine-makers offered more than one hundred of their wine references to hundreds of people who congregated and celebrated at Alameda Palace.

Wednesday morning, Jay Miller, representative for many countries of World Wine Guru Robert Parker a.k.a. The Wine Advocate in company of Pancho Campo, the first Spanish Master of Wine, after visiting Utiel-Requena D.O.P. Headquarters, held at Las Arenas Hotel a lively tasting of seventeen selected wines.

Miller highlighted the quality of wines, the excelent ratio between quality and price, now crucial with crisis beating all markets, and encouraged Valencian wine-makers and wine-sellers to cross boundaries and frontiers and bring their excelent wines to the whole world, U.S.A. ahead.

Fellows below can’t agree more with him and are pretty ready to enrol!


Pictures | pedro moura pinheiro, dave dove @ flickr