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“Valencia is a World Reference” for Paco Torreblanca

When I told you about top confectioner Paco Torreblanca’s ephimeral art he had no shop in town and no plan in sight about it.

I was pretty surprised some days on when I came to know that his team had managed to find the perfect place and were just opening one shop at Valencia –Conde de Salvatierra Street, 35, next to Colon Market.

The opening, held December the first at night, exceeded by and large its character and became a luxurious social happening crowded wall to wall with celebrities, pretty people and journalists from all media, washed with French champagne rivers and endless Torreblanca niceties.

No opening I have been in Valencia can compare in guests’ lavish care with Torreblanca’s opening last week –full stop.

All in all there was something much more important than endless champagne and niceties in there, something money can’t buy at all: true pasionate admiration and affection for Paco Torreblanca and his team, with sons Jacob and David ahead.

Paco himself was a little bit overwhelmed with such an incredible reception Valencia was lavishing to them, so we appointed a short interview about it later on.

Q: I sketched you by saying that you was able to leave behind a top-notch career at The City of Lights because you missed and needed Mediterranean Light! You’re not the only one has felt so, but… How you’d define Mediterranean Light? What’s so special about it?

A: I was born watching the Mediterranean Sea, and when I was in Paris I was missing the blue of our skies every single day: that’s Sorolla’s Light! 

Q: Anyway your personal and professional career under Mediterranean Light has exceeded by far any possible career at The City of Lights. Your opening at Valencia has been truly overwhelming. Did you expect such a passionate acclamation at Valencia?

A: Extraordinary moments indeed! I felt more alicantino and even more valenciano than never ever before! I will never forget all love I was given!

Q: I have always been pretty surprised that there was no Torreblanca shop at Valencia, not just for geographical reasons but for some innovative and cosmopolitan character both of you share… Valencia was some unresolved matter for you?

A: Yes indeed! It was always on my mind but I definitely took the decision when Politecnic University of Valencia awarded me as Doctor Honoris Causa with true affection.

We also needed a very strong infrastructure and just finding the proper place with the proper space for finishing our products… and the time and the place just came! We left Madrid for coming to Valencia: It’s our place!

Q: How do you see Valencia now?

A: I see a modern and innovative city: Valencia is a world reference… in the last years has changed its image: holding its past but always looking into the future!


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In memory of sweet Julia  ❧  who enjoys Torreblanca’s pieces of art in Heaven…


  1. masalgado: January 13, 2012 04:35 pm

    Estuvimos allí estas Navidades y compramos dos de sus turrones y el panettone (vale, somos clasicones). Nos pareció un poco carillo hasta que los probamos. Ahora que se nos ha acabado nos parece barato. Punto y aparte de verdad de la buena!

    1. lino san juan: January 14, 2012 04:31 pm

      Torreblanca has been Christmas’ Crack in Valencia this year and there are reasons for it!
      (But also for the Classic Sweet Ones in my other post!)