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How not to be lost in translation if you travel to Valencia


Valencia is one of the most important business places in Spain and Europe. Every year thousands of people travel here to interact comercially with the local entrepeneurs. If you’re one of them, and you have plans to travel to Valencia, you can consider some tips to avoid wasting time and make the most of your trip:

Money: cash and credit cards

Before traveling, be aware that the legal currency in Valencia is the Euro. If your country is working with another currency and you do not want to come with euros, once there, you can go to a bank, where they can give you cash. Remember that in Spain almost all banks work only in the morning until 14:00.

Another option is to withdraw cash in Euros through the ATMs that are available in every corner, but keep in mind that the bank will apply a service fee and a currency exchange. There are ATMs at the airport. If you use a debit card, the service fee is less than if you use a credit card.

Most businesses accept credit cards. Restaurants, hotels and shops always accepted VISA and MasterCard, but few accept American Express.

Transport and travel

After landing and collecting our bags, the best way to get to downtown is by taxi (journey time approx 20 minutes), metro (journey time approx 30 minutes) or bus (journey time approx 55 minutes). You can take any of these just off the terminal or, before flying, ask the hotel where you stay if they have a private service that can pick up and drop you there.

Once you’re in town, getting around is easy. Taxi, bus and metro are available to you, although walking is also an option because the weather is usually good, but keep in mind that Valencia is a large city.

Whatever option you choose to move, if you have a smartphone, you should know that applications like Google Maps or Bing Maps work in Valencia at full capacity, they provide useful information about transport routes and options for each of them. They will be a good help to get around the city and show the best route every time. You can also try one of the many applications available for iPhone and Android terminals, which provide useful information about Valencia.

What to do after business in Valencia?

After you’ve been working hard all day, Valencia offers many options for leisure and relaxation. You can read many of them in this blog: How to take the most of footbal, see a good tennis match, the fallas time, or eat a good rice are just some examples.

Stay tunned.

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