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Ephemeral Art

Eighteen Century Architect and Gourmet Antonin Carême once said: ‘The fine arts are painting, music and architecture, and the main branch of the later is confectionery‘.

If you find these words surprising just have a look to Paco Torreblanca‘s astonishing confections. They look like pieces of art indeed –either tiny buildings, abstract paintings or sculptures, as his Lollipop Forest above– and they are as well among the most delicious and awarded confections in the whole world.

If you need some more Official Proofs of his sheer artistry let me tell you about Torreblanca’s late Offcial Awards: Doctor Honoris Causa by the Politecnic University of Valencia and 2011 Award by Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía.

However, the very last tribute to him is a quite peculiar one, usually reserved for exceling cultural ambassadors: Alacant’s Deputation has produced and presented last week at the ADDA a fifty minutes film showing the life and works of the man who many people consider the Best confectioner in the World. If a picture worth a thousand words, just have a look to a preview:


The film, called Paco Torreblanca, Ephemeral Art and directed by Domingo Rodes will be shown at the main National and International Gastronomical Festivals and TV Channels, and will tell the story of the man who started as a confectioner in a quite casual way, when his father sent him to Paris when he was twelve to work with master Jean Millet, and became the King’s Confectioner in 2004 when all International Royalty acclaimed his Royal Gianduja cake at Prince Felipe’s Wedding.

All in all Ephemeral Art tells the humble story of an one-of-a-kind-man who, even if he was fully in love with the City of Lights, decided he couldn’t live without the Mediterranean Sunlight and came back home to open his Tótel shop in 1978.

Since then, he has been continously innovating the world of confectionery –to name but a few, with his famous revision of the classic Panettone, his surprising Caviar chocolat or his truly amazing Sugarworks– expanding his bussines with new bakeries and shops, publishing a lot of books, and training many generations of promising pupils –Alberto and Ferran Adriá among them.

All awards in the world haven’t relieved his inner creative beast the slightest. With sons Jacob and David now on board and towering, they keep on innovating like crazy and now selling many of their truly pieces of art on line –update: now also at Valencia’s brand new Torreblanca shop!

All in all an unique oportunity to know why Antonin Carême was and Paco Torreblanca is truly visionary people!


Pictures | Galería de pastelerías Torreblanca @ Flickr