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Valencia’s museums: The Museum of Fine Arts

Although Valencia is well known thanks to big attractions like the Formula 1 GP, the City of Arts and Science or the America’s Cup, the city has a lot more to offer than that, and Valencia’s museums are a big part of that offer.

During the next weeks, I’ll introduce you to some of the most important museums of the city, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, also know as the Pio V museum, a name taken from the building that now keeps its valuable art treasure.

The Building

But the Museum of Fine Arts has not always been in this magnificent 18th century building, with its two great towers, the cushion like façades and the unique blue glazed tiled dome and a beautiful courtyard.

It was originally a seminary for priests and later on a military warehouse and even a hospital. After the Spanish Civil War, the museum was moved from it previous location –the Carmen Calzado convent, seriously damaged during the war– to the actual one.

The Collection

Its vast and significant collection makes Valencia’s Museum of Fine Arts the most important of is kind in the whole Valencian Community and one of Spain’s biggest art galleries.

From its walls hang great paintings from the 14th to the 20th century, being the most known a self-portrait of Velázquez and a Virgin with the Child of the italian Pinturicchio.

Nevertheless, the most important part of the collection is Gothic, mainly religious paintings from the medieval painters called “primitive valencians”.

From the Renaissance you can find works from Tiziano, El Greco and the mentioned Pinturicchio, the only painting of this author in Spain. From the 17th century and on, there are interesting paintings of Murillo, Goya, Rusiñol, Zubiaurre, Zuloaga, Benlliure, Joaquín Sorolla… and many others.

There is also a sculpture pavilion, temporary exhibitions of different periods and a vast collection of drawings and engravings.

As you see, a great museum to visit if you have some time around in the city, not only to admire its exhibitions but to enjoy the building itself. Besides, it’s placed just by the Turia Gardens and the historic centre of the city.

Valencia’s Museum of Fine Arts

C/ San Pio V, 9. 46010 Valencia
Tel. +34 963 870 300

Images | Wikimedia Commons and Vincent Desjardins in Flickr
More information | Museum of Fine Arts