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Be careful with your clicks


It’s Christmas time, when postal cards and all kind of greetings are sent via e-mail. Santa dancing, snowy landscapes with rein-deers and firs from all around the world become major figures in our inbox.

But it’s not all happiness and good wishes when receiving a Christmas card by email, because spammers and crackers increase their activity these days, taking advantage of the fact that people are more relaxed these days. But if you don’t pay attention, you are exposed to malicious software.

Risks and threats are very sophisticated. First of all, we must assume that virus development teams are more advanced than antivirus-software development companies. Yes, this has been happening since the early days of computing. This means that you can’t trust your antivirus software at 100%.

Nowadays, threats are not only attached into emails, but are present in a wide range of ways even in web-pages. A simple click in a malicious link can expose any computer and the information contained in it, allowing third parties to access and use it in their profit. Credit card data, email and social networks access data from unsuspecting people are the main objective.

Tips to avoid malicious software:

  1. Never open emails with attached files from unknown people.
  2. Never open suspicious emails and files sent from known people if it’s not strictly necessary: avoid photos, “funny” videos or presentations if you have affection for your data. If you have doubts, call the sender and ask before opening it, or maybe it will not be so “funny” afterwards.
  3. Never open any link or email “to restore your bank account” or “to claim for an iPad that you have won”, it’s a fraud 99,999999999% of the time: Do you want to try for a chance of 0,000000001%?
  4. Take care if you visit websites with dangerous advertisements because a simple link offering to download a movie or some software could be the door to computer’s hell.
  5. No, you don’t have any distant cousin in Africa and if this were true…What the hell! Why would he send you all his money if you send your online banking data before?
  6. Use strong passwords to avoid attacks with brute-force password cracker tools.
  7. Stop email chains, be the last one and avoid to put in risk your contacts: If you cut the chain by not sending the next email, do yo think that someone would care about it?
  8. Install an antivirus software and keep it updated but remember, the best antivirus is you and your common sense.
  9. Don’t forget to make periodic backup of your data, even if you work with files stored in the cloud, because we must face it: malicious software developers are better than the good guys who work against them.

It’s up to you, if you want to work safe and avoid losing important data stored in your computer, just keep away of dangerous emails and files. Don’t click on them, just delete them and keep working.

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