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Entrepreneurship: was giving up ever an option?


Starting a business is not easy. You need an idea, maybe not as good as many times we think. Fernando Trias de Bes, Spanish entrepreneur, thinks so. You need financial resources too, to transform the idea into a real business. Do I have money for it? Usually, not. We don’t have the money and we need to find it out there.

It’s hard to get resources to start a business and also close the first transaction with a customer. Second, third, fourth,… too. Even more in this age, when the money doesn’t flow in an easy way. The numbers don’t lie: only a 5% of new business are able to survive, the other 95% fail. Being entrepreneurs is similar to war!

When you start a business, usually you work long day’s journeys. Sometimes even during the weekends or even stealing time to your family or friends. But having your own business has many other great benefits. The following lines are real opinions from Spanish entrepreneurs, whom I interviewed recently::

  • “Entrepreneurship is the only way to be happy”, Sergio Cortes, Social-Buy
  • “Entrepreneurship is an amazing experience”, Evaristo Babe, Diego Ballesteros,
  • “It’s not to be entrepreneur, you can learn and improve with the experience”, Luis Sancho,

Some friends of mine whom are entrepreneurs told me why it’s worth the entrepreneurship experience:

  • When you work for yourself, you spend many hours but they are for your business. You can always feel a special sensations when a challenge is made.
  • It is nice the feeling when you are generating employment who allows to others to have a life. You put in risk your personal assets but it’s worth.
  • Working for yourself allows to you work as freely and comfortably as possible, having freedom and being able to combine professional and personal life.

Luisa Alemany, ESADE professor, is convinced that you can born entrepreneur, but also you can learn and become an entrepreneur. It’s a way of life and everyone can try a business, you just need to think and being smart. She explained her point of view in this speech at TED Talk:

In many cases, there is a bad experience in the business world before succeed. But if things go wrong, nothing happens. You must get up and move on. Who said that giving up was an option? Entrepreneurship is a unique experience and everyone who tries knows it. No one said it was easy but, why should we give up halfway?

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