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Five basic habits to work and live better


Many people spend work too much, every day, for too long. Stress is a common factor on workers who don’t take care for some basic personal habits, and in long term they suffer its severe consequences.

Some people realize this problem, noticing symptoms like low productivity, poor performance on easy tasks, permanent tiredness or exhaustion and lack of motivation for everything. However, not everyone is able to recognize the origin of the problem. Some people don’t understand the relevance of respecting the following 5 basic habits in their personal life:

  • Everyone must sleep well: medical experts use to say that humans need to sleep at least 8 hours a day to rest properly. Many people use to sleep much less than those 8 hours, fixing this with coffee shots during the day. Wrong strategy for a well living.
  • Everyone must eat healthy: I wrote about about the importance of eating well at work in a previous blog post. I remember that I mentioned on it the old Spanish rule for this: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar “. Nutrition experts recommend eating at least 3 times a day, but many people prefer to skip breakfast, eat quickly in front of the computer or do not care about a balanced dinner. Food is the fuel of our bodies.
  • Everyone must exercise: most people works in static mode or in a limited number of positions. They have a sedentary life, and that affects their physical abilities in long term.
  • Everyone must have ​​social life: everyone needs to spend time with people around them: family and friends. You need time to establish, keep and make strong friendships and relations, so let work aside from time to time.
  • Everyone needs time for themselves: our body and mind need a break from all that happens around us. Everyone must stop a little trying to find their inner self, think about life: where are we now, what do we want in the future,… Everyone should do this from time to time.

Most people have been taught this habits from childhood, however, many of them seem to have forgotten them and focus on other tools that they consider better ways to improve their lives: learning ways to manage better tasks or email and GTD methods are some examples. But they fail and, as they ignore the origin of the problem, they get in a never-ending spiral.

If you don’t eat healthy, you only can expect low performance. Same if you sleep less than 8 hours and there is no time for sports, family, friends or to find oneself. But in most cases it’s up to you. It is not difficult. If you want, you can, so listen to your body and then answer this simple question: Are you sure that you follow these five basic habits to work and live better?

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