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Golf and business, a perfect mix


It’s an old tradition that golf and business have always maintained a good relationship. Golf is a sport practiced walking, outdoors, shooting and chasing the ball over the green grass, with up to four people. In this post, we’ll show you the reasons why an 18-hole course is an excellent place to relax and talk business.

First of all, doing business while playing a round of golf allows to eliminate significant communication barriers, that occur in other business environments, as an office. When people play golf, they don’t wear a suit or tie, but comfortable clothing. This helps to the players feel more relaxed for the initial ice-breaking in a meeting.

Golf is a sport that combines the skill of the players in the natural environment and, at the same time, always shows the human side of each player. In golf you never play a perfect round, that is, you always can play better. Golf allows to recognize what kind of person is in front of you.

Golf joins causes and people, because players of different levels can compete on equal terms with their handicaps. The obstacles around the course and the elements affect everyone equally. There is not distinction, all the players of a game are in the same level. It does not follow the hierarchy of the organization, it doesn’t win who owns the company with more turnover: just follow the Rules of Golf.


Golf is a powerful marketing tool

The team members of the Spanish company Golfinspain, golf and business experts, are convinced that golf is a powerful marketing tool:

The golf-related activities are a unique tool for generating business and one of the most effective ways to build relationships with clients or reward employees.

Organizing a tournament with customers and suppliers is always an interesting option, even if you do not pretend to close a deal immediately. It creates an atmosphere of collaboration and positive feelings that you for sure will be very profitable in the future. Spending time outdoors, on the golf course, with the agents of your business environment, helps to build a good image and a deep positive memory among the participants.

Personalities of the business world who play golf

It is usual to see top personalities from business and politics in the golf courses. For example, recently, the press published pictures of Barak Obama and Bill Clinton playing a round of golf. What would they be talking about? One of the top businessman, Donald Trump, wrote a book entitled “How to get rich” (Google Books) where he says the following about golf:

I made a lot of money on the golf course before I went into golf as a business. I found solutions to problems, new ideas for ventures and even a new career. Golf has a way to giving you an equilibrium that you can’t always find in the office.

Doing what you love, will make you a winner, and after spending many happy hours on golf courses, I decided to build some on my own. Golf has a transforming power. It’s a great way to improve your business skills, to learn how to maneuver. It can even be equated with a learning how to negotiate, wich is an art in itself.

Golf is also, in essence, a solitary game. Being an entrepreneur, even within a large company, is a solitary game. Ultimately, the rule here is not just to visit one of my golf courses (though you would be wise to do so) but to turn your passion into a profit. The results of that passion will reward you in more ways that you have ever expected

Valencia as a golf destination

Although this is an issue that we shall discuss in another post, in Valencia there are fantastic golf courses where you can organize a business meeting while striking the ball during the 18-hole course. The Mediterranean weather is perfect to play this outdoor sport in any course. Escorpión, El Saler, El Bosque Golf and Foressos are some examples of golf resorts that can be found near the city of Valencia.

Once you finish a round of golf in Valencia, you can close the final details of an agreement with a nice tablecloth and good local food. A paella is a perfect way to recover your strength after a round of golf and business.

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