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How to become an event master

We spend time and money going to events but we not always obtain a clear return of the investment made. It depends on several factors related on the event but there are some tricks we would do we can use to increase the probability of success.

How to be an event master, a collection of tips and tricks to obtain something more than a bag full of papers and merchandising when going to events:

  1. Do some previous homework: spend some time preparing the event reading about the speakers, taking a look at their websites and studying the schedule and the products that are going to be presented.
  2. Don’t forget your business cards: you never know how many are you going to need, so put dozens into your pockets and even more in your bag.
  3. Take pen and notebook: probably you will be presented with promotional pens an notebooks, but maybe you would need them before you hand them.
  4. A photo camera and an audio recorder can be useful too: photos of slides or audio records can help you to catch interesting concepts and don’t miss a word. A tablet or a smartphone can help, but use it as a tool and not as a distraction.
  5. Get there one hour before the first talk: yes, one hour before, so you can have a chance of having a personal meeting with the speakers or the event organizers. It should be a good opportunity to do networking.
  6. Try to register the day before: registering in the event is a futile task, so try to avoid wasting your time filling forms during the event.
  7. “Attack” the speakers: don’t be afraid to ask to the speakers, it would be better if you participate in the conversations generated during the event.
  8. Set your own schedule: if there are options to choose in different meeting rooms, think about the convenience of assisting to one or another. Remember that you can’t clone yourself.
  9. Stay until the end of the event: sometimes it’s hard to stay until the end but the last speaker can be the reason that justifies the day spent on the event.
  10. Ask for more: if you are interested in more information, ask for more to speakers, event organizers or other people around you.

BONUS: 11. Join other people for lunch, dinner or a simple coffee: because an event is a good networking opportunity and the informal moments are the best for open business chances.

Link | Valencia’s Conference Centre, one of the bests of the world


  1. lino san juan: January 06, 2012 09:56 am

    I completely agree!

    Please let me add something from my very own experience, if you don’t mind:


    12: Back home after the event, take some time to send some compliment mails either to the organizers and to the main speakers/parterns you found interesting –you can take the chance to elaborate on your ‘attacks’ and add further thoughts even references showing you’re really on the matter and reassuring your position!

    13: Try to follow the echoing of your mails as far as possible.

    1. Le_Corbu: January 13, 2012 01:41 pm

      Nice Bonus Lino, I think it’s very important to spend some time after the event, not only thinking about what it was said, but also getting in contact with those you met.