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Ten facts about business in Spain


Spain is a country located at the south side of Europe. With a population of Forty Million, and a special mix of local cultures. Business culture is present too, being Spain an important country in several industries, as for example, tourism and real estate.

If you are going to make business in Valencia or anywhere in the country, and it’s your first time, you should read the following ten facts about business in Spain, in order to understand spaniards way of life and businesses procedures.

  1. In Spain is typical to break the working day in two halfs, morning and afternoon, stopping one or two hours to have lunch. They start to work between 8 and 9am, stop to have lunch between 2 and 4pm and back to work until 7 or even more. They use to have dinner between 8:30 and 11pm.
  2. People in Spain like to make business while having lunch or dinner, in order to contribute to establish a non formal environment that helps negotiations or business relationships. If you are planning a business travel in Valencia, it’s a good idea to work around a paella.
  3. There are some official languages in Spain, but all the people speak Spanish if necessary. English skills are not always too good, depending  on the company, but you can rely on communicating in Shakespeare’s language.
  4. Spain is a paradise for golfing. The south side is full of golf courses where European professional players use to establish their operations base during the winter. If you choose to make business in a different way, why don’t you try in a golf course? In Valencia you can find several options for golfing within a small radius.
  5. Usually, a comfortable sun shines from dawn till dusk, but in some regions at the north, the weather might be a bit rougher. In Valencia you can find a very comfortable weather all year long., with temperatures oscillating between 10º and 20º Celsius during winter and between 20º and 35º Celsius during summer.
  6. Cost of life in Spain is not very expensive. You can eat, move across the country or book a hotel at a reasonable price. There are differences around the country, but it’s generally cheaper than other European countries as UK or France.
  7. Spaniards are open minded, but for some people is not too easy to speak about money, so negotiations sometimes take a little longer than what’s usual in other European countries.
  8. Spanish banks rarely open in the afternoon, so if you need to ask for something in a branch, you must do it in the morning.
  9. Public industry in Spain is not very fast with formalities, so consider to contract a legal adviser if you want to reduce time and cost of operations when creating a new company or asking a public institution for a document.
  10. When a man meets a girl in Spain, it’s usual either to extend the hand or to exchange a pair of kisses, even in a business meetings too. The Spanish culture says that the man must offer two kisses (just two, only one is considered familiar and more than two, excessive).

Image | Tomas Fano