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The best advice they ever got


In this blog we have discussed about successful entrepreneurs, who serve as models for us in business. Bob Parsons is also another man in the list of entrepreneurs who have succeeded. Bob Parsons is CEO and founder of The Go Daddy Group Inc, a company dedicated to domain registration, hosting and related services, which has grown enormously in the last years, thanks to the Internet revolution.

Bob created the company after going through several previous experiences more or less frustrating. All his experience has been summarized in his famous 16 Rules for Success in Business and in Life in General:

1. Get and stay out of your comfort zone.
2. Never give up.
3. When you’re ready to quit, you’re closer than you think
4. With regard to whatever worries you, not only accept the worst thing that could happen, but make it a point to quantify what the worst thing could be.
5. Focus on what you want to have happen.
6. Be quick to decide.
7. Always be moving forward.Never stop investing.
8.Take things a day at a time.
9.Measure everything of significance.I swear this is true.
10.Anything that is not managed will deteriorate.
11.Pay attention to your competitors, but pay more attention to what you’re doing.
12.Never let anybody push you around.
13.Never expect life to be fair.Life isn’t fair.
14.Solve your own problems.
15.Don’t take yourself too seriously.Lighten up.
16.There’s always a reason to smile.Find it.

It’s interesting to know the experience of a person who has been successful in business, as Bob Parsons, who previously failed in other business attempts. What’s the best of all these tips? It’s up to you, but I know that is not easy to get only one of them.

There are other people who also succeded and are now leading important companies. Some of the most important ones in the business in this age, tell to Fortune&Money about the advice that most influenced their lives. Here some examples:

  • David Petraeus (USA Military): You should get out of your comfort zone.
  • Sam Palmisano (IBM): Don’t view your career as a linear progression, there are horizontal rather than vertical steps.
  • Bob Iger (Walt Disney): Be honest with yourself.
  • Zhang Xin (SOHO China): Don’t work with your husband [Pan Shiyi]. Marriage and business don’t mix.
  • Charlene Begley (GE Enterprise Solutions): Spend a ton of time with your customers.
  • Joanna Shields ( Your career is long and the business world is small. Always act with integrity. Never take the last dollar off the table.
  • Elon Musk (SpaceX): Do not panic.
  • Mark Schneider (Fresenius): English is the operating system of the free world.
  • Leonard Lauder (The Estee Lauder Companies): If you had something good to say, you should put it in writing. But if you had something bad to say, you should tell the person to his or her face

What is the best advice you ever got?

Image | Nisha A