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Things you should know before moving to Valencia for work


If you’re moving to Valencia to work for a long season, you might want to rent a house or an apartment. Living in your own place rather than renting a hotel room has many advantages in a a City like Valencia, since it’s a city with lot’s of services and alternatives for leisure and business.

In this entry, we will list some of the key points that you need to know if you are planning to move to Valencia or Spain for work.

Basic considerations when renting an apartment

In Spain there is a law that regulates rents: Ley de arrendamientos urbanos. This law contains all the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants in housing leases, as for example:

  • The right of the landlord to require by contract a sum of money as a deposit, to cover damages during the rental period. It’s usually equivalent to one month’s rent, but sometimes you could be asked for more, as much as two or three times. The owner is required to deposit the amount in a public account.
  • Spanish law sets the minimum private contract period of one year, automatically renewed each year up to a maximum of 5 years. From there on, a new contract must be signed between the landlord and tenant.
  • In addition to the deposit and to protect the monthly payment of the rent, landlords use to ask for a protection insurance or a bank guarantee.
  • Rental agencies may request the tenant to pay a fee for their services, which is usually equivalent to one month’s rent, as fee for their services. This is always done after signing the contract, never before.
  • In Spain, taxes associated with housing (waste, street maintenance,…) are paid by the owner and not the tenant. This is different than other European countries or cities, i.e. London, where Council Taxes are payed by tenants.

How to find housing in Valencia

You can find accommodation in Valencia trought any real estate agency available in the city. Some of them have a good range of flats and houses that can be checked on their websites. It is also very common and recommendable to use any of the most popular Spanish real estate services available on the Internet:

All of these services have a wide variety of houses and apartments, and will help you to find a home that fits your needs thanks to their search filters and other tools. Information about the owner or agency is also available, so you can contact them once you find what you were looking for.

Good places to live in Valencia

Valencia is a big city, but not as much as to become uncomfortable. If offers a wide range of services and leisure activities, and also big business opportunities, but like in any other city, it is important to choose wisely the location of your accommodation.

Depending on your budget and your needs, you should choose one neighborhood or another. For instance, if your will work mainly in the city center, near the business heart and offices of the city, you should find a flat in the Ruzafa Neighborhood, if you want to be near the convention center, Beniferri is your place to stay, which is also close to the Valencia Fair.

Anyway, Valencia is very well communicated, and you can move through the city easily, so sometimes it’s more important to find a nice flat rather than being to picky on its location. Even so, we will dedicate a full post about the different neighborhoods in the city, so you can know where to rent before moving to Valencia.

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