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Top five to-do list managers

Although pen and paper is a great way to manage a to-do list –giving you the satisfaction of really crossing out those tasks that you finish– it has some inconveniences. For example, there is a big chance of mislaying that list at some point, and it’s not easy to share it with other people or take it with you anywhere.

So, as nowadays we work outside the office as much as we do in it, our task lists should come with us. And to keep them secure and organized, here you have the Top five to-do list managers.

1. Teux-deux

In my opinion, Teux-Deux (french for To-Do) is the best of all to-do list managers, and the one I use, of course. It’s simple, clean, fast, easy to use, web-based and completely free. You only have to pay a bit once, if you want to use their great iPhone app.

It has not too many options, but you can easily list your tasks when you want them to be done –be it tomorrow, on Sunday or someday– edit them, erase them, move them from one day to another or mark them as done. Everything with extremely intuitive drag and drop movements.

If you happen not to do something one day, that task automatically moves to the next day, so you don’t forget about it. I also love that it keeps track of everything you have done the past days, and let’s you take a look and see how hard you’ve worked –or not–.

2. Wunderlist

Wunderlist was my favorite to-do list manager until I discovered Teux-deux. It’s a bit more complete and offers a web-based app, desktop cross-platform apps (Mac, Windows and Linux) and mobile apps for Android, iPad and iPhone. All of them synchronized and, most of all, completely free, no premium or add-on needed.

With Wunderlist, you can make as many to-do lists as you want and keep them well organized in a very nicely designed, customizable environment. It’s not so easy to schedule a task as in Teux-deux (which is the feature I love most), but if you happen to handle various projects with lots of things to do in each, I earnestly recommend it. I use it for non-business stuff, like groceries or packing lists.

3. Evernote

It’s much more than just a task manager. Evernote lets you handle many projects at a time and add images, text notes, spreadsheets, word documents… it’s not as good looking and easy to use as the former two, but it’s indeed the most powerful of them all.

Although it’s free to use, there’re some premium add-ons which you have to pay for, but the free stuff is good enough to give it a try. It’s also great to gather thoughts and keep them organized. As in Wunderlist, it’s available online, as a desktop app and there’re versions for any mobile platform too.

4. Remember the milk

Remember the Milk was the first task manager I used after feeling a bit disappointed with google tasks. Like Evernote, it has a lot to offer to those who like it, but has too many options and is not designy enough for what I like.

On the right side, besides the web-based app, it provides all kind of mobile apps (for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, mobile web version…) and different plugins for Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Firefox… so if you want to keep track of your tasks wherever you are, Remember the milk is your choice.

5. Todoist

With a googleish look, Todoist offers something very similar to Wunderlist. That is, lists easily organized in projects and sub-projects, scheduling and programming tasks and some extra options. It’s completely web based, but can be access through any browser, be it desktop or mobile.

If you like google’s aesthetics and you’re looking for a complete but not too complex to-do list manager, Todoist will suit you perfectly.

So, this has been my top five to-do list managers, but there’re many other out there to be discovered. If you happen to have one to share, we’ll love to know about it.

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  1. zoot: December 17, 2011 08:19 pm

    Nice one! I’ll try some for New Year (I guess I need it)