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“Zero Moment of Truth”, by Google

We have recently written in this blog about the fact that traditional marketing ways commonly used by companies are being heavily exploited and having low effectiveness on consumers. Google thinks the same, so the company has just launched a campaign to promote an eBook about new marketing ways.

Google’s position is that there is something wrong and companies must change and evolve their online marketing strategies:

“The way we shop is changing and marketing strategies are simply not keeping the pace. Whether we’re shopping for corn flakes, concert tickets or a honeymoon in Paris, the Internet has changed how we decide what to buy. Today we’re all digital explorers, seeking out online ratings, social media-based peer reviews, videos, and in-depth product details as we move down the path to purchase.

Marketing has evolved and modern marketing strategies have to evolve with the new ways of shopping. At Google, we call this online decision-making moment the Zero Moment of Truth, or simply ZMOT.”

Google’s proposal to change this situation is an eBook written by Jim Lecinski, Google’s Managing Director of US Sales & Service and Chief ZMOT Evangelist. “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth” is the title of this eBook, where Jim Lecinski shares how to get ahead at this critical marketing edgepoint.

He promises

“information supported by exclusive market research, personal stories, and insights from C-level executives at global leaders like General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, and VivaKi”.

Seems interesting, so it might be worth reading it to withdraw our own conclusions and adapt that information to our business and marketing strategies.

Are our marketing strategies from the past? How can ZMOT help your business?

More information | “Zero Moment of Truth” official web page
Link | “Zero Moment of Truth” eBook (PDF)