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The Garden of Earthly Delights


Venturing into the heart of big cities brings to mind why topics like ‘fast food’ and ‘frenzy life’, ‘franchise’ and ‘globalization’ actually define modern times. Not exactly the kind of place in which you hope to find some proper place to meet with friends and work fellows in a truly relaxed mood.

Even if this is the case with Valencia, the third biggest city in Spain, and in particular with the surroundings of the City Hall and the North Railway Station next to it, perharps there is some chance you may find a place in which shopping, relaxing and even working may come together in a paced personal way.

Curiously enough, the place I have in mind is not some hidden door at the end of some lonely street but a huge corner festooned with two bright yellow columns just at one forefront of these surroundings, and it is called Las Añadas de España since opening its doors in 1989.

Shopping at Las Añadas

Attentive people living in Valencia know Las Añadas very well, as its huge glass windows catch your eyes at first bringing a glimpse of a truly sensuous garden of earthly delights, quite probably the biggest and most exquisite delicatessen shop in town, with more than three thousand wine references in offer, ranging from the now recommeded Dis-Tinto 2009 valencian red wine (6€) to the L’Ermita 2005 (600€), more than four hundred different spirits, and more than two thousand selected food products –including a wide range of chocolats, cheeses and preserved foods from all over the world, besides the typical and pretty irresistible Spanish ham.

However, even if shopping for delights is the main chance that Las Añadas offers, it is not the only chance it actually offers, especially for people coming to Valencia from abroad either for professional or personal affairs. If you are one of them, then you will probably appreciate in full two not so well known chances that this strategically situated garden of delights offers as well: you can shop in there, but you can also relax in there, even work in there.

Relaxing at Las Añadas

As for relax, Las Añadas embodies a small but comfortable space (see picture below) furnished with tall chairs and tables, in which you can have the daily special lunch (9 am to 8 pm; 20 to 35€), taste promotions or even, if you are in the mood, enjoy right there any of the assorted goods around you, be it a bottle of your much desired wine or any nicety that catchs your eye at first –as a guide: enjoying any bottle in there amounts to a 4€ increase.

Working at Las Añadas

As for work, conferences or formal meetings, Las Añadas shields another much more private space, actually a quite luxurious saloon furnished in contemporary style with complete setting for media presentations, that is prettty ready to be tailored to meet your needs, either a small corporative convention, a setup presentation or, quite simply, the playful end of your very own schedule. In line with the whole story, you may also book in there private tastings, lunchs, caterings and even ask to one chef to cook your favourite menu.

All in all, La Añadas is open to versatile and interesting chances in one single strategic place at the forefront of town. If you pay it a visit and you are not really in the mood for shopping, relaxing or booking in there, you still may enjoy the place indeed as a lovely garden of earthly, almost heavenly delights outliving at the heart of our globalized fast-food fueled frenzy-life.

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C/ Játiva, 3
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