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The importance of eating well at work

Paella Valencia

There are people who work with a fixed and established schedule, that allows them to organize their life in a normal way. Pure routine: waking up in the morning, working and coming back home, with time for social life, personal issues, family, friends, sleeping…

But there are other people who can’t work with this kind of routine, that is, without a fixed schedule. Rotating or with intense schedules, extending the time, day by day,… In the long term, losing the control of their lives. Improvisation plays a key role in a normal day for this kind of workers, losing the good habits, also with normal tasks as eating. It’s a big mistake. Eating healthy is very important to work well, much more than we used to think.

Our bodies and our minds need different kinds of food to respond to the normal activity when working or having a rest. We need good food and good habits to be well prepared physically and intellectually to work. Without it, we can’t expect our best performance, it can be far away from the optimum point. When people don’t eat healthy, they can suffer different kinds of troubles, one more serious than others: low attention and concentration, fatigue, stress, hypertension,… Those are just some examples of the bad effects caused by the bad food habits.

Common mistakes eating at work

We use to make mistakes when eating at work:

  • Go to work without having eaten anything for breakfast (nutrition experts say breakfast is the most important meal of the day).
  • Do not follow a schedule for eating, with a start and ending time for lunch, everyday.
  • Eating snacking products, with high levels of calories, which unbalance our diet by introducing an excess of sugar in our body. The vending machines are usually full of this kind of bad products. It’s like a plague.
  • Drinking too much coffee or energy drinks, instead of vitamins or sleeping.
  • Do not eat anything in a common working day.
  • Do not drink anything in a common working day.
  • Eat any kind of food, no matter the quality or the quantity.
  • Eating in a few minutes, in front of the computer and while working, not even 15 minutes.
  • In business lunch, eating too much, with the corresponding hard times to work in the next hours after lunch.

How can we eat well at work?

The following, are some tips for eating well at work:

  • Do not go to work without taking a good breakfast before.
  • Avoid eating between meals, only try a piece of fruit or another healthy food. Never snacks.
  • Drink water or natural juices, in order to be hydrated all the time and replace the liquids that our body needs during a normal day. If you planto walk, you will need more liquids.
  • Ask for good food in the vending machines, the responsible must claim for quality products.
  • Plan the food that you want to eat during the next 7 days and decide how you will cook or buy it, when and where, and also schedule a time to eat each day.
  • Follow the rules also in a business lunch, where frugality will be your best ally. Avoid drinking, maximum one glass of wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid restaurants that do not have a minimum quality, it compensates paying a little more money and stay healthy, to work better.
  • If you can’t afford a restaurant or if the food is very bad near to your workplace, cook your own food and eat it to the office.
  • Get your colleagues involved, if you work together to eat healthy, you will succeed.
  • Drink water or any kind of natural juices, instead of coffee or cola and energetic drinks.

If you want, you can. It’s not very hard to eat healthy. Excuses can’t be accepted, you only need to organise a little your weekly plan. You must decide how, where and at what time you will eat each day.

Always remember that bad habits at work can cause cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, known as the silent killer. Its consequences can appear at any moment and in a very serious way. Don’t wait until it’s too late, eat healthy from now and you will work better. This is a win-win strategy: you win, and your co-workers and your business too.

Don’t forget the old rule: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar”.

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